summer SUSTAINABILITY course in session!


This course has a weekly topical “lecture” or question & answer on Mondays, but most of the learning will happen in the homework assignments (an average of one per lecture).

Summer session starts June 2, 2014 (sessions run three months each).

Schoolhouse Rules:

    Follow the rules (don't end up the doghouse!)
    "Hipster Doghouse" image courtesy of Mighty June via Flickr
  • Please follow the instructions to SIGN UP below.  This will give you access to the additional materials (homework/discussion on Google+).
  • Students who start the course late (after the week of June 2, 2014) are perfectly welcome. Please refer to the recommendation above to indicate which lesson number your homework pertains to, and try to complete the lessons in order.
  • Finally, if there is material that you feel is over your head and Wikipedia can't clear it up for you, PLEASE leave comments so I can try to be clarify.

How to SIGN UP:

  • Go to the zessn schoolhouse community link and ask to join.  (First, you'll need to become a member of Google+.)  Alternately, in the comment section below, leave your name, age, and email address (not anonymously please: your comment will not be shown publicly).  You will be sent an invitation to join the Google+ Community

Thank you!


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