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If you want to do your own diagrams like this

you'll need to know the angle of the sun where you live.

Clarification: the lines drawn here are meant to indicate the maximum altitude of the sun (noon) on the summer solstice and the winter solstice.

Step 1:  calculate the maximum altitude of the sun (noon) on the equinox(es), i.e. the dotted line in the illustration above.

What is your LATITUDE?  (We'll use 40 degrees for our example)

Subtract your latitude from 90 degrees.   90 - 40 = 50 degrees at noon on the equinox.

Step 2:  calculate the maximum altitude (noon) for the summer & winter solstices by adding/subtracting 23.5 degrees respectively.

50 + 23.5 = 73.5 degrees on the summer solstice
50  - 23.5 = 26.5 degrees on the winter solstice

A final note: since the solstice numbers are EXTREMES, consider using angles that are a bit less extreme like 70 and 30.


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