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Monday, June 16, 2014


#015a Describe Your Favorite Indoor Summer & Winter Spots

Window Seat in Le Château de Chillon
Image courtesy of Peter Alfred Hess via Flickr
For most people, favorite spots are in or near their homes, but not necessarily so.  It might be at a grandparent's home or a friend's home or at your neighborhood library.

Please describe your favorite summer & spots in relation to these elements:

  • views of the outside
  • temperature
  • ventilation (drafts or breezes)
  • natural lighting
  • noise
  • for this exercise, do NOT describe what the space looks like

#015b Do some Sun Worshipping on the Solstice, June 21

Okay, maybe not "worshipping," but take notice of the longest day of the year.

Traditional Norwegian St. Hansbål (bonfire)
in Laksevåg, Bergen
Image courtesy of Nina-no via Wikimedia Commons
Check out some background info on what exactly the solstice is HERE and some common celebrations HERE.

By the way, some calendars call solstices and equinoxes "the first day of" a season while others call them the middle of a season.  For example, my calendar on the wall says "first day of summer" on June 21, but it's also referred to as "midsummer."
You may have heard of a nice little story by an obscure writer called "A Midsummer Night's Dream."

If you live in the western U.S., consider a trip to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, ArcoSanti north of Phoenix, or Santa Barbara for the solstice parade.

If you stay home, you could gather a few friends, get out some blankets and spend time outside as long as the sun is up.  Play music, picnic & don't forget the citronella.

#015c Check out my Pinterest Board

I've got a zessn Pinterest board: daylight, vistas & magic where I keep lovely images showing spectacular views and daylighting effects or particularly good controls.  Take a look; get inspired by the outdoors and the sunshine.  Imagine how you might get more access to them even when you're inside. :)


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