summer SUSTAINABILITY course in session!

Monday, May 19, 2014


The spring session of Zessn Schoolhouse complete; I hope you are looking at buildings a bit differently.
This is a good opportunity to catch up on any homework you missed and were particularly interested in; the google+ community is still active and I LOVE to see all of your homework and discussion submissions.  

Thank you for learning with me, y'all were awesome!

Cornell's Entry Into The 2009 Solar Decathalon
Washington D.C.
Image courtesy of paul_houle via Flickr

Summer Session starts soon

The summer session will start on Monday, June 2, just two weeks away!

The main topic on the docket for the 10 week summer session is SUSTAINABILITY as it relates to architecture.  
Daylight, exposure to chemicals, building material sources, high tech vs. low tech, energy use, regionalism, etc.  

Fewer field trips, more experiments.  


p.s.  there are no prerequisites, so if you have a friend who wants to "attend," invite away.

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